Rock on – the Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Groupies of All Time

Ever since the very concept of fame began, people have always been interested in the lives and actions of the rich and famous, with that ‘interest’ coming closer to ‘obsession’ in certain individuals.

In the same way, that modern-day fans will go to great lengths just to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars. The rock ‘n’ roll groupies of the 50s and 60s were renowned for their tenacity and the fact that they actually did get to be ‘up close and personal’ with the singers and musicians they admired.

Headshot of Cher from 1970. / Andy Warhol is taking polaroid pictures while sitting with Jack Ford and Bianca Jagger. / Publicity headshot of Courtney Love in 1986.

Source: Casablanca Records / U.S. National Archives and Records Administration / Island Pictures

Groupies often attended backstage parties and traveled on the road with rockers far and wide. They became an integral and inherent part of the rock ‘n’ roll scene and lifestyle, and some of them went on to become very famous in their own right. They enjoyed careers as models or singers. Groupies weren’t always only there for the stereotypical things that you hear. A lot of these women have actually been a huge part of these Rock ‘n’ Roll stars successes. Here are some of the most iconic groupies and their stories from rock history.

Sable Starr

You had to be pretty special to earn the nickname ‘Queen of the Groupies’ back then, but that’s exactly what Sable Starr was. Back in the 1970s, she was the groupie everyone knew, and everyone wanted to be, having had personal relationships with the likes of David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Rod Stewart. She was one of the first “baby groupies” to go to the trendy nightclubs on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip like Whisky A-Go-Go, Rainbow Bar, and Grill. And Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco.

Sable Starr

Source: All That’s Interesting

She revealed absolutely all the details in a fascinating 1973 interview with Star Magazine. She even discussed how she had to deal with ‘rival groupies’ who were trying to challenge her for the affections of leading rockers at the time. She sadly passed away at the relatively young age of 51 in 2009, having developed brain cancer.

Carmen Electra

Just like Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra is a Baywatch star who also made a name for herself as a groupie. She dated Chicago Bulls basketball star, Dennis Rodman, for a while and married him, but the relationship didn’t last too long. When it ended, Carmen Electra, also known as Tara Leigh Patrick, got involved with some big-name rockers. At one point in time, Electra dated Dave Navarro and the couple were married in November 2003. Electra filed for divorce in August 2006; The divorce was finalized on February 20, 2007.

Carmen Electra in a pink and black jeweled dress at The Blonds fashion show during fashion week 2015 in New York.

Photo by lev radin /

Electra was engaged to Rob Patterson and even dated Simon Cowell. She also allegedly had romantic and passionate encounters with plenty of other Rock stars and was said to have been involved with everyone from Tommy Lee to Prince. She also modeled for Playboy magazine and was a dancer for the Pussycat Dolls.

Bobbie Brown

The teen beauty pageant star, Bobbie Brown was crowned Miss Louisiana Teen USA in 1987. She also appeared on TV with her stunning looks playing a role in her success, combined with her innate fashion sense and understanding of style. She appeared in a music video for the band, Warrant, and even starred on the cover of the band’s ‘Cherry Pie’ album, developing “close ties” with some members of the group. And by some members, we mean the lead singer. And also, by close ties, we mean they had a daughter together.

Bobbie Brown holding up her hair

Source: YouTube

In 2012, Brown became part of the cast of the reality TV show, Ex-Wives of Rock. In November 2013, her memoir co-written with Caroline Ryder and called Dirty Rocker Boys: Love and Lust on the Sunset Strip, got published by Gallery Books. Brown runs an online clothing store

Bebe Buell

Far from a typical groupie, Bebe Buell is an established singer and former model, famously appearing as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month back in late 1974. She went to NYC in the hopes of a successful singing career but ended up as a model instead, like so many other beautiful young women at the time.

Sable Starr holding a doll while a man is drinking beer

Source: All That’s Interesting

She eventually encountered Todd Rundgren, enjoying a tumultuous relationship with the singer-songwriter for several years. She was also linked with a host of other musicians like David Bowie, Jimmy Page, Elvis Costello, Iggy Pop, and Mick Jagger, as well as giving birth to Steven Tyler’s daughter, Liv Tyler. Buell was married twice, first to musician and actor Coyote Shivers. She got married a second time to Jim Walters of Das Damen back in 2002.

Donna D’Errico

The third Baywatch girl to appear on our list, Donna D’Errico, is right up there alongside Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson as an on-screen lifeguard who was an off-screen groupie. She was also a Playboy Playmate of the Month and attracted the attention of a lot of musicians with her curvy figure and lush, blonde locks.

Donna D'Errico sitting on a couch

Source: Instagram

It was Nikki Sixx, co-founder and bass player for Motley Crue, who ended up winning Donna’s heart. The pair lived together for several years, welcoming a child into the world before eventually splitting in 2007. They had a daughter together in 2001, and D’Errico has an adopted son named Rhyan, who was born in 1993. Nowadays, Donna continues to pursue her acting career, appearing in movies and on TV.

Pamela Anderson

A name that we can all recognize; Pamela Anderson was one of the lead stars of Baywatch and a Playboy magazine Playmate of the Month. She’s one of Playboy’s most famous stars but also stands out as a genuinely legendary groupie. She entered a relationship with Motley Crue drummer, Tommy Lee. She was Engaged to Bret Michales and was in Mexico with him when she met Tommy.

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock

Source: Shutterstock

She fell in love with Tommy and essentially left Bret. The pair had two children together before separating. She later got together with Rockstar, Kid Rock, in 2006. She has since separated from Kid Rock and spent some time living in France, where she appeared on French TV shows and dated a soccer star. Her latest relationship was with 33-year-old Adil Rami, a French soccer player. The two dated from 2017 until 2019.

Anita Pallenberg

Charming countless rock and roll stars with her beautiful looks and charismatic personality, this Italian actress, model, and an artist was a leading light of the fashion world. She is well-known for her time spent alongside The Rolling Stones. She was said to be a ‘muse’ for the band. It seems like Anita had relationships with nearly every single member of the band.

Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones in 1969 at his London home.


In a more male-dominated time, Mick Jagger and the other members really took her opinion seriously. Apparently, she criticized the album Beggars Banquet, and Jagger actually remixed the songs before putting it out. Pallenberg also sang back up on “Sympathy for the Devil.” She was with Brian Jones for a few years, then had a trio of children with Keith Richards and allegedly had a sort of affair with Mick Jagger too.

Tawny Kitaen

Tawny Kitaen is a woman with a fascinating life. She started off entering beauty pageants and aspiring to hit the big time as Miss USA or Miss World, but she later ended up in the world of cinema. She appeared in an erotic adventure flick called Gwendoline and an odd horror named Witchboard, as well as appearing alongside Tom Hanks in Bachelor Party.

Photograph of Tawny Kitaen being interviewed for the show Botched by E! Entertainment.


Outside of Hollywood, Tawny Kitaen was famed for her involvement with the rock ‘n’ roll band, Whitesnake. She appeared in the videos for ‘Still of the Night’ and ‘Here I Go Again,’ charming legions of the band’s followers and falling in love with lead singer, David Coverdale, too.

Kitaen appeared on ‘Botched’ in 2017, claiming that her implants have drooped under her rib cage. She had two surgeries, including a more recent reduction. Six months after her last surgery, they fell to her ribs, and she decided to seek help.

Pamela Des Barres

Pamela Des Barres’ parents and surrounding family were all music lovers. It’s really no real surprise that she ended up attending a whole lot of concerts and being around some superstars of the music scene over the years. She was a huge fan of legendary artists like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and met up with both bands.

Pamela Des Barres with husband Michael and Rodney Bingenheimer at Rodney’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony.

Photo by s_bukley /

She was the babysitter for Frank Zappa and got to spend time with a lot of successful and emerging artists in the LA area. She had relationships with the likes of Jim Morrison, Jimmy Page, and Keith Moon, and she even served as the inspiration for The Beatles’ hit, Penny Lane. She is currently married to Michael Des Barres, who played Murdoc on the show MacGyver. He is also in the band Power Station and took over for Robert Palmer.

Lori Maddox

Lorie is one of the so-called ‘baby groupies’ due to the young age at which she got involved with the scene. Lori Maddox spent almost her entire young life surrounded by icons of rock and roll. She spent some time with David Bowie, but the most significant of her relationships came with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. The British rocker was said to be madly in love with Lori, almost to the point of obsession.

Lori Maddox and Jimmy Page at a party when Lori was around 15 years old.


Sadly, as time went by and Lori started growing tired with the hectic nature of rock and roll life, the pair’s connection began to crumble. There is some confusion around if she was really with David Bowie or not, as the timeline doesn’t really add up. They say that she didn’t actually meet Bowie until she was already dating Page. Also, there aren’t a lot of photos of the two together like there are from her other relationships. However, this is a photograph of them together.

Nancy Spungen

Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen led one of the punk rock world’s most dramatic and turbulent relationships. However, there was so much more beyond the tabloid headlines and stylish photoshoots. Nancy had always struggled with mental health issues, got kicked out of college, and went to England at just 15 years of age, where she met Sid.

Photograph of Nancy Spungen and Sid Vicious drinking beers at a party back in the ‘70s.

Source: Pinterest

Shockingly, in October of 1978, Nancy was found dead. She was stabbed in a hotel room where she was known to spend a lot of time with Sid and was found under the bathroom sink. They say that she was found with one stab wound. Sid was charged with the murder of Nancy, to begin with, but he also died before the case went to trial. There are reports that it could have been drug dealers also, but at this point, we won’t find out.

Erin Everly

Many of the groupies on our list were known for their links with big-name British bands like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. However, Erin Everly was most commonly associated with California rockers, Guns N’ Roses. She was born into a family that was already used to this lifestyle. Her dad was Don Everly, of the ‘Everly Brothers’ band, and her mother was Venetia Stevenson, actress and fashion designer. Even her grandparents were in this industry as a director and soap opera actress.

Photograph of Erin Everly and Axl Rose from the ‘70s.

Source: Tumblr

Born and raised in LA, Erin entered a relationship with the hard rock band’s charismatic and unpredictable leading man, Axl Rose. The pair got married and lived together for just a year before splitting. Erin was the inspiration for the famous song, ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine,’ and even appeared in the music video.

Marianne Faithfull

Born to very successful and intellectual parents, Marianne Faithfull proved that people from all walks of life could end up in the rock ‘n’ roll world. She was a talented singer and songwriter, someone who loved to make music and listen to music. It seemed only natural when she encountered Andrew Loog, the manager of The Rolling Stones, and later met up with the band’s frontman, Mick Jagger.

Michael Cooper, Mick Jagger, a pregnant Marianne Faithfull, Shepard Sherbell, Brian Jones, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Amsterdam on September 1st, 1967.

Photo by Ben Merk, Anefo / National Archives, CCO

Marianne fell in love with Mick, but there were rumors to suggest she had personal relationships with other members of the group. Like so many groupie and rocker relationships, Mick and Marianne’s connection eventually cracked and crumbled. In May 1970, Faithfull ended the relationship. The same year she lost custody of her son together, and she allegedly made a suicide attempt.

Pattie Boyd

Regarded as one of the most beautiful groupies who ever lived, Pattie Boyd worked as a model and traveled all over the world for her work. She once appeared on the cover of the prestigious fashion magazine, Vogue, and entered the world of rock ‘n’ roll while working as a photographer. She would snap photographs of stars like Eric Clapton and George Harrison.

Pattie Boyd and George Harrison are holding hands and smiling for the paparazzi that are surrounding them.


While working alongside these rock ‘n’ roll legends, Pattie Boyd also caught their eye. George Harrison was especially enamored by her, marrying her and being her husband for over a decade before the pair split. After that, she got married to Clapton. Boyd is actually married to a property developer now named Rod Weston. They were dating for quite a while but got married more recently in April 2015.

Bianca Jagger

There are no prizes for guessing who Bianca Jagger was best associated with. This unique, truly one of a kind groupie had a magnetic, vibrant personality. She was the sort of person who could light up a room merely by being there. Her charm proved strong enough to win the heart of Rolling Stones leading man, Mick Jagger.

Photograph of Mick and Bianca Jagger on their wedding day in France.

Source: AP

The couple got married in France, and according to French law, everyone was invited to the civil ceremony, and they were unable to turn away any paparazzi. She was Jagger’s first wife, but the marriage didn’t last too long. She stayed in the rock and club scene in the years that followed. However, meeting and dating other musicians before later turning to a role in human rights advocacy, fighting for positive change around the world.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love will forever be linked with doomed Nirvana frontman, Kurt Cobain, but she’s a highly successful singer and songwriter in her own right. She’d had several relationships with rockers before meeting and marrying Cobain, including Michael Stipe of REM.

Brett Morgen, Courtney Love and Michael Stipe at the ‘Cobain: Montage of Heck’ premiere in February 2015.

Photo by magicinfoto /

When Cobain committed suicide, Love was accused by many, with some conspiracy theorists still asserting that she had a hand in his death. Meanwhile, she’s carried on making great music and doing a lot of good work for LGBT rights, as well as contributing to other charitable and worthy causes. She was in a few movies and television shows like ‘Man on the Moon,’ ‘Trapped,’ ‘Sons of Anarchy’ and ‘Empire.’ Around the same time, she released two solo singles before the acting.

Chris O’Dell

Many groupies actively enter the rock ‘n’ roll world, trying to get close to the big stars, but some of them just stumble into it accidentally. Chris O’Dell was one of the latter. She was just an assistant at Apple Records, the label of The Beatles.

Photograph of Pattie Harrison, Chris O’Dell, and her friend Eileen out and about.

Source: Tumblr

Over time she was exposed to the band, and she entered the world of glitzy glamor and rock and roll madness. She eventually developed close relationships with every single one of the Fab Four. George Harrison even wrote a song called ‘O’Dell’ based on her. She maintained a close friendship with Harrison and Ringo Starr, even after leaving Apple to work with The Rolling Stones. While some she was just good friends of, she had affairs with Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, and Ringo Star.

Tura Satana

An intriguing and beguiling woman, Tura Satana, appeared in a series of Hollywood movies like ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ She was popular among directors for her acting abilities, as well as her striking appearance. It was only a matter of time before she caught the eye of some rockers and rollers.

Tura Satana and two co-stars o set of the movie ‘Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’ standing next to an older car.


While she was originally from Japan, she was moved to Mississippi because her parents married her off at the age of 13. After this marriage didn’t work out, she moved to LA and started burlesque dancing. She was 15 at the time. She had a relationship with ‘The King’ himself, Elvis Presley. Elvis allegedly saw Satana dance one night and was blown away, insisting on meeting her and getting closer to her. The pair fell in love and enjoyed a short but passionate romantic relationship.

Cleo Odzer

Cleo Odzer simply started out writing music reviews and articles for a local newspaper and ended up being exposed to Rock stars along the way. She inadvertently turned into quite a famous groupie after developing feelings for Keith Emerson from Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Cleo and Keith got married but ended up divorcing sometime later.

Photograph of Cleo Odzer with Terry Reid and Carol Cookie Tandy in New York in 1968.


In the wake of the separation, Cleo decided to head off for a new life in India. There, she wrote books about her life and experiences, shining the spotlight on drug use and prostitution in Asia. Odzer was disappointed with how things were going for her in New York and moved back to Goa in 1999. A lot of the remaining hippies were not happy with her because of the book she published, and they were enjoying their simple life before the exposure.

Brandi Brandt

We only just mentioned Nikki Sixx, and the Motley Crue man is back again with another of his romantic conquests, Brandi Brandt. Sixx had a whole lot of love affairs over the years, and one of his most memorable came with Brandt, a lover of all things rock ‘n’ roll related.

Sharise and Vince Neil with Nikki and Brandi Sixx holding drinks and smiling at a party.

Source: Tumblr

Brandt was raised by a drummer mother and always felt like she was destined for a life in the scene. She wasn’t a musician herself but caught the eye of stars like Sixx through her modeling and acting work. She was a Playboy Playmate too and spent seven years with Sixx. The couple had three children together; Gunner Nicholas born in 1991, Storm Brieann born in 1994, and Decker Nilsson born in 1995.

Connie Hamzy

To you and me, she’s Connie Hamzy, but to many members of the rock ‘n’ roll community, she was called ‘Sweet Connie.’ Her upbeat nature, beautiful appearance, and a keen sense of humor helped her become very popular among many rockers, able to liven up the loneliest of moments.

Photograph of Connie Hamzy and Ringo Starr in 1989 at a backyard BBQ.


Grand Funk Railroad wrote a song about her, and she dated the likes of Alice Cooper, John Bonham, and Keith Moon. She even wrote a whole book about her experiences and her ‘Sweet Connie’ reputation, regarded as one of the best reads for anyone interested in the groupie scene. Hamzy claims that she was propositioned by Bill Clinton back when he was the governor of Arkansas, but there is no supporting evidence of this happening.

Kendra Jade

She was a model, an actress, a dancer, and an erotic film star. Kendra Jade had a whole lot of talents and caught the eye of plenty of rockers and rollers over the years, as well. She was young, lively, and ready for fun when she stepped into the groupie world, hoping to make a name for herself among the stars of California.

Kendra and Lukas Rossi at their recording studio posing closely for the camera.

Source: Facebook / Kendra Jade Rossi

She attended countless parties and exclusive events, with Rock star guests in attendance alongside her. She met and fell in love with Canadian rocker, Lukas Rossi, back in 2007. Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro actually introduced the two back in 2006. Interestingly, unlike so many other groupie stories that ended sadly, Kendra Jade is still in a happy relationship with Rossi, over a decade later.

Josie Stevens

A famous groupie and Playboy model, Josie Stevens tried time and again to get involved with leading rock and roll legends like The Rolling Stones, but never quite made it. Still, she has gone down as a famous groupie for her crazy lifestyle and rocker connections.

Josie and her husband Steve Stevens attending Nights of the Jack standing with pumpkin next to a few barrels of hay.

Source: Facebook / @JosieStevensMTR

As she got older, however, she decided to tone things down a little and seek more stability. In 2008, she got married to guitarist Steve Stevens. He is known for being Billy Idol’s guitarist and helping him compose the songs. Stevens also did the lead guitar in the theme to Top Gun called ‘Top Gun Anthem.’ She even became his manager, as well as pursuing other work projects on TV and in the world of fashion.

Heather Locklear

Famed for her starring role in 90s soap, Melrose Place, Heather Locklear is a beloved actress who has won awards and charmed audiences worldwide for many years. She was also a hardcore rock and roll groupie off-screen, totally at odds with her on-screen persona. This Golden Globe-nominated star was always drawn to the world of hard rock.

Heather Locklear with Ronald McDonald at Camp Ronald McDonald Halloween Carnival in Hollywood.

Photo by Carrie-nelson /

She got engaged to Motley Crue musician, Tommy Lee, back in the mid-1980s. The couple got married back in May 1986. The pair eventually split, but Heather still had a craving for a Rock star partner and ended up with Bon Jovi guitarist, Richie Sambora. Sambora and Locklear have a daughter together, Ava Elizabeth Sambora. In 2006 they filed for divorce, and it was made official in April 2007. She didn’t waste any time and temporarily dated Jack Wagner.

Audrey Hamilton

Many people tend to assume that groupies either get married to Rock stars or stick around in the scene for years and years, but a lot of them end up pursuing quieter lives as they get older, and Audrey Hamilton is a prime example. Nowadays, she lives a simple life, but back in the 70s, things were very different.

Jimmy Page and Audrey Hamilton up close during Led Zeppelin’s 1977 U.S. tour.

Source: Pinterest

She was a mega-fan of Led Zeppelin and a huge love interest for the band’s lead singer, Robert Plant. Hamilton was continuously photographed with the band, but there are no interviews or any public statements made by her. Sadly, when Robert’s son, Karac, died in the late 70s, the pair’s relationship began to break down. Audrey later got involved with Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley.

Kathleen Dorritie

Known as ‘Cherry Vanilla’ to those who knew her best, Kathleen Dorritie was the publicist for none other than David Bowie. She was also involved in the art world, working in the play Pork, by pop art sensation Andy Warhol. After this, she became a publicist for Vangelis, who is a Greek musician and composer. In 1976, she formed her own band Cherry Vanilla & her Staten Island Band. The first thing the band released was called ‘Shake Your Ashes.’ She also released a book called Pop-Tart.

Photograph of Cherry Vanilla standing between Jagger and Bowie.


In short, she had a lot of connections and exposure to big-name stars across various fields. This made her something of a unique groupie. Many groupies are linked purely with rockers and rollers, but Kathleen Dorritie had a relationship with Warhol, too, as well as being linked with Beatles star, John Lennon.

Cathy Smith

Canadian groupie Cathy Smith had a hard start to life, like many other groupies, but found comfort in the world of rock ‘n’ roll. She entered the scene just as it was really started to take off in the swinging sixties and came into close contact with The Band. The Band mentioned Cathy in ‘The Weight,’ and she accompanied them on tour and to parties throughout the 60s.

Photograph of John Belushi and Carol Smith dressed up with people in the background out for the night.


She also developed a relationship with the folk star, Gordon Lightfoot. Lightfoot also wrote a song involving Cathy called ‘Sundown,’ but the lyrics were quite negative. This makes sense, though, as she served 15 months in California state prison for injecting John Belushi with heroin and cocaine, which ended up being fatal. John Belushi was one of the original cast members on SNL.

Roxana Shirazi

Born in Iran, Roxana Shirazi wouldn’t have had a whole lot of exposure to the rock ‘n’ roll scene in her homeland, but she ended up moving to the United Kingdom at a young age alongside her family. A lover of dancing, Roxana became a professional belly dancer as soon as she was old enough and started to appear at clubs around the capital.

Roxana Shirazi is posing with Nikki Sixx of the band Motley Crue.


She always caught the eye of audience members as one of the most talented dancers they’d ever seen and even captured the attention of some big-name rockers like Black Cherry and Guns N’ Roses. She later went on to write two books titled, “The Last Living Slut: Born in Iran, Bred Backstage” and “Dead Iranian Girl.” These books are about her childhood and what she went through growing up, including her time with American Rock stars.


It’s important to note that even though we traditionally associate groupies with the female gender, male groupies totally exist too. There aren’t as many famous examples of male groupies as female ones, but Pleather definitely stands out as one of the best known. People were critical of him at the beginning, as they weren’t sure what his intentions were.

A photograph of Pleather in front of a microphone with his pink skater hat and black eyeliner going down his cheeks.


A big fan of Courtney Love and The Bangles, Pleather tried, again and again, to break into the rock scene of the 80s and 90s. He succeeded in many ways, and he remains one of the more intriguing figures of groupie culture. Pleather’s real name is Ian Wagner. He would hang out on the tour busses with a few all-girl bands and would even give pep talks to Courtney Love before she went on. In the end, these all-girl bands he would hang out with referred to him as the most intelligent man they have ever met.

Uschi Obermaier

Regarded as one of the greatest German beauties of all time, Uschi Obermaier was a world-famous model and a sensual woman, but before her career really took off, she encountered a mega rock ‘n’ roll star in the form of Jimi Hendrix. Uschi was living in her home city of West Berlin at the time, in a particularly seedy neighborhood, but she developed a powerful bond with Hendrix. There is a

Photograph of Uschi Obermaier and Rainer Langhans sitting and eating.

Source: Pinterest

The film, Last Experience, charts this fateful encounter. Later on, she would tour with The Rolling Stones and had relationships with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. In 1968 she had a relationship with Rainer Langhans, a German writer, which he spoke about publicly. Obermaier was also an active protester in 1968. This year, she turns 73 and is still looking great thanks to a bit of plastic surgery.

The Mystery Girl

For a long time, the world didn’t know her name, where she came from, or what her story really was, but it did have one photograph of The Mystery Girl. The photo shows a girl with her back to the camera, kissing ‘The King,’ Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley and Barbara Grey are sitting behind the counter at Presley’s hotel drinking coffee and reading his script.

Photo by Alfred Wertheimer / Vanity Fair

It was hugely famous and talked about the photo, but the world would have to wait six decades to find out the identity of the woman within it, who later revealed herself as Barbara Grey, a real estate manager from South Carolina. Grey explained that she’d been dared to contact Elvis at his hotel and ended up talking to him for a whole hour. She even went with him to the theater to see his performance.

Judy and Karen

Many groupies are solo warriors, totally independent, and even see themselves as being in competition with other groupies and women for the affections and attentions of Rock stars, but Judy Wong and Karen Seltenrich were always together. This pair of fashion designers helped to launch the signature styles of many bands and musicians, with the pair running their own clothing shop in San Francisco.

Photograph of Karen Seltenrich and Judy Wong posing together for the groupie issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

Photo by Baron Wolman / Rolling Stone magazine

Leading designers all wanted to get a piece of the action and have their work featured in Judy and Karen’s shop, and the pair encountered countless rock legends over the years. They created the style for ‘The Cockettes’ and designed all their clothes. Seltenrich was also on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine in 1969.

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder is famed as one of the most successful Hollywood actresses of all time, and she also has a bit of a reputation as a groupie, having dated a whole lot of Rock stars and musicians down the years. She famously got together with Jack White of The White Steips, Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters, an unnamed member of Green Day, and Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes, among others.

Winona Rider is clapping with Michael Shannon and Ray Liotta at the premiere for ‘The Iceman’ in 2012.

Photo by Anders photo /

She’s also quite secretive about her private life, so there could be many more stories we don’t even know about. She more recently has starred in ‘Stranger Things,’ which is a sci-fi Netflix series worth watching. She plays the mother of Will, Joyce, who is always rescuing Will and his friends.

The GTOs

Many groupies head into the rock scene to seek their own fame and fortune, while others do it purely for the fun of it all. The GTOs, however, have a very special place in groupie folklore as they were actually a rock and roll band themselves. This all-female group was made up of seven members, assembled by music legend, Frank Zappa.

Photograph of the GTOs, Miss Pamela, Miss Mercy, Miss Cinderella, Miss Christine, Miss Lucy, Miss Sandra, and Miss Sparky, in colorful clothing holding bamboo.

Source: Tumblr

The GTOs were all rock fans themselves, hoping to make their mark on the scene while also getting the chance to meet up with the stars they’d admired for so long. The band only stuck together for a few years, though, and managed to produce a single album, entitled Permanent Damage. The GTO’s actually wrote all of the lyrics to their music and didn’t allow any outside suggestions.

Pamela Manning

Guns N’ Roses were associated with several famous groupies over the years as all members of the band embraced the hard rock lifestyle, living on the edge and seeking out pleasure wherever they could find it. She, at one point, dated Axl Rose back in 1983, Izzy Stradlin, and even Tommy Lee. Manning was lucky enough to have tea with Nancy Reagan and Betty Ford.

Photograph of Pamela Manning standing and watching Richie Sambora leaning against the wall with his guitar.


Pamela Manning was one of their most notorious groupies, initially hired as a dancer. She appeared beside the band on stage, dancing along to their famous tracks and starring in several music videos too, but constantly being classed as little more than a groupie by the media. She later complained that this label had harmed her career.


Nico’s name is Christa Paffgen, and she was born in Germany. One of the most individually successful groupies of all time, Nico entered the rock and roll world as a fan and left it as a star. She used her contacts and friendships with leading players in the industry to get her own big break, even catching the eye of Andy Warhol. He brought her in as a type of cabaret singer after discussing it with the Velvet Underground.

Nico is applying lipstick in a pocket mirror while Andy Warhol stands near her watching.

Source: Pinterest

Nico had enjoyed an amazing life and career, and she was known for being involved romantically with plenty of big names like Jim Morrison and Lou Reed. Nico sadly passed away in 1988 at just 49 years old. She was vacationing in Ibiza and had a stroke while she was cycling.

Rachel Hunter

A curvaceous and beautiful supermodel, beloved and admired by millions, Rachel Hunter, has always had a real fondness for musicians. She found them particularly attractive, and it was this attraction and fascination that led to her encountering and marrying Rod Stewart. The pair stayed together for 16 years before getting divorced in 1999.

Rachel Hunter and Rod Stewart are leaving Le Dome restaurant in Los Angeles, 1992.

Photo by Bart Sherkow /

The couple had two children together, Renee and Liam. After that, Rachel pursued a relationship with Winger member Kip Winger, before dating Robbie Williams. She even had a year-long relationship with Sean Avery in 2004, a Canadian NHL player. Then she dated another Canadian Hockey player named Jarret Stoll. They got engaged but didn’t end up getting married. Nowadays, she’s still working in the model industry and is the leading light of the Australian fashion label, Jacqui E.


Modern audiences know Cher as a world-famous singer, but did you know she started off as a groupie? As a woman trying to break into the music industry, she knew she needed connections with the right people, so she started to spend time in the Sunset Strip clubs, getting to know bands and agents.

Photograph of Sonny and Cher sitting on the couch.

Source: Facebook

She also worked as a maid for Sonny Bono back in the early 60s. It was this job that led to her getting a break as a backup singer for Sonny and eventually his wife. In the years that followed, Cher would become the ‘Goddess of Pop.’ She mentioned that she loved the new sound of Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton, but Sonny didn’t like it, so that was that. The couple can be seen in the film Good Times, a movie that they also produced.


Just like the ‘Goddess of Pop,’ Madonna started off in the groupie game before making a name for herself as a global pop sensation. She claimed the title of ‘Queen of Pop.’ She’s led a crazy and incredible life, with a whole lot of Rock star relationships along the way, starting off as a backup dancer for Patrick Hernandez.

Madonna is performing with her backup dancers during her show in Brazil in 2012.

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Madonna dropped out of college and moved to New York City, where she worked as a waitress at Dunkin’ Donuts. She also worked with some modern dance troupes, which essentially helped her career. Some of the top musicians to have dated Madonna include Tupac Shakur, Stephen Bray, and Lenny Kravitz. She was also romantically involved with British movie director Guy Ritchie, and married actor, Sean Penn.


Lacy was a figure shrouded in mystery, and someone we know little about. We can, however, view her stunning photos in Rolling Stone magazine. She was often pictured in the famed rock publication, with one famous photo showing Lacy sitting on the floor, covered with copies of the magazine and lighting up a joint.

Photograph of Lucy sitting cross-legged with Rolling Stone magazines laid out in front of her.

Photo by Baron Wolman / Rolling Stone magazine

This photo was taken in early 1968, a time when they had more newsstand sales than subscribers. The photographer for Rolling Stone, Baron Wolman, said he instantly felt charmed by Lacy and loved the way her character seemed to shine through in every photo he took. Her photograph was actually taken spontaneously when everyone was just sitting around chilling and was later used as the Christmas card thanking subscribers to the magazine.

Morgana Welch

Morgana Welch headed up a group of groupies known as ‘The LA Queens,’ having been exposed to the rock and roll scene from an early age and spending plenty of time in Sunset Strip clubs. She and her fellow groupies developed close ties with Led Zeppelin, in particular.

Photograph of Morgana Welch and Carol Sherman sitting on the carpet with records in the background.

Source: the collection of Morgana Welch

When Morgana eventually moved away from the rock ‘n’ roll scene, she authored a book chronicling her time as a groupie and sharing her encounters and experiences with various leading figures from the scene. Her books are titled “The Book of Shadows – A Novel” and “Reach Your Goals and Rock Your World.” She currently works in IT over in Arizona. She also sells jewelry with a crystal or rock theme that she calls Rock and Soul Jewellery.